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US Appliance Repair has been providing superior appliance repair services to San Fernando and Ventura County for over 15 years. Our well-trained and experienced technicians are qualified to repair and install all types of appliances, regardless of make, model or manufacturer.

We offer services to residential clients and are created extended hours so that all needs are met. Our service representatives are available Monday through Saturday between 8 AM and 6 PM.

US Appliance Repair

Service Residential Appliances




Our company and service technicians are licensed and insured to provide quality services. We stress this point because we have heard so many horror stories from our clients about unlicensed repairs they have experienced in the past. We maintain our license and insurance as a way to protect our clients as well as our business.

Quality Appliance Services And Quality Parts

Our technicians need to be able to work on many different appliances manufactured by many different companies. We continually strive to keep our techs updated on new products while fine-tuning their skills on older models. We believe that their expertise is what keeps our clients happy.

In addition to well-trained staff, we also believe in using quality parts. Our parts warehouse is fully stocked with OEM replacement parts as well as secondary market parts. We purchase parts from proven vendors who only provide quality merchandise. We believe a repair should only have to be done once, and that requires good replacement parts.

We encourage you to contact US Appliance Repair today with any questions you may have about one of your appliances or to schedule a service call. (805) 433-5993 or (818) 618-4178

Client Security Is A Top Priority

We understand that many people are afraid to call for service because of horrific news stories about repair personnel committing crimes after the repair has been completed. To be honest, we are just as horrified when we hear such stories.

Knowing that these events could impact how our customers feel about our service, we have mandated a very strict background check policy on all of our technicians. Currently, to be employed as a technician at USAppliance Repair, our technicians must past local, state, and federal criminal background checks. Your safety is as important to us as it is to you.

Our Clients Rank Us #1

US Appliance Repair has continually been ranked # 1 for appliance repair in the Simi Valley area. Satisfied clients have allowed us to build and maintain this reputation. We encourage all potential clients to check us out with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to review our stats. You will be pleased and satisfied with our impeccable record.

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