Dishwasher Repair

US Appliance Repair is your go-to source for dishwasher repairs. Our technicians are qualified to work on all types of residential dishwashers. We strive to provide excellent service to our clients by remaining knowledgeable and up to date on all dishwasher issues, regardless of make and model. Simply put, if your dishwasher is broken, we can fix it.

We understand that a broken machine can cause disruptions in your home, life or business. We are open from 8 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday, and Saturday, for your convenience from 9AM to 3PM. In most cases, you will benefit from same-day service. We offer Saturday service at no extra charge because we understand that dishwashers and other appliances do not break down when it is convenient for you.

We encourage you to contact us today for information on service for your broken machine, or if you need your new dishwasher installed.     

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Common Issues With Dishwashers

The most common reason for a customer seeking dishwasher repair services is that their dishes are no longer coming out clean. There are two main causes for this problem, and you may be able to correct them on your own. If these suggestions do not work, we encourage you to call us for a repair. We provide free estimates with any repair.

Wrong Detergent: Many people do not read the instruction manual that comes with their dishwasher. Dishwashers, especially newer models, have specific types of cleaners that should be used for optimum results. Some request that you only use liquid or gel detergents, while others state that powders work best in the machine. Using the wrong type of soap will cause buildup over time and prevent your dishwasher from running properly. Check your manufacturers’ recommended soap and change if necessary. If you are using the wrong soap, run a cleaning cycle on the machine first. If it is an older machine, a hot water cycle mixed with a cup of lemon juice will clean your machine.

Clean Spray Arm: The large piece that looks like a fan blade comes off quite easily. Most arms will pop right off; however, a few brands twist on and off. Take the spray arm and while it is placed over the sink, run hot water through it. Check to see if all the holes are clear, with water flowing freely through them. Many times these get clogged with food debris or soap scum. By cleaning these arms, you may have repaired your machine.

Never Place These Items in A Dishwasher

Cast Iron: In almost every case, a run through the dishwasher will cause the cast iron to rust – even before the cycle is finished.
Lead Crystal: Crystal can be irreparably damaged in the dishwasher, an unfortunate loss for you.
Wooden Items: Cutlery, bowls, and cutting boards that have glue may break apart in the dishwasher because of the high water temperatures.
Plastic Ware: Make sure that any plastic ware you place in the dishwasher has been approved for dishwasher cleaning.
Antique China: The high temperatures and pressure from the water can cause antique china to craze and fade.



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