Washing Machines Repair

US Appliance Repair are professionally staffed with the best washing machines repair technicians in Simi Valley, CA. We will have your washer running better than ever in no time. We repair any home style washing machine.

We understand what an inconvenience it is to be without a washer, which is why our technicians are available Monday through Friday, from 8 AM to 6 PM and Saturday till 3PM.  In most cases, we will make repairs on the same day you schedule an appointment. If your washer is broken, we encourage you to call our service center at  (818) 618-4178 and have your machine repaired. Contact us today to put an end to your washing machine woes.

Common Issues With Washing Machines


While we recommend that you leave certain appliance repairs to the professionals, there are a few frequent washing machine issues that can be solved by the do-it-yourselfer. Here are a couple of the most common washing machine problems:

  • No Power: Make sure that you check the plug and the fuse box, as the agitation from the machine will sometimes knock the plug out of the machine. Power surges and bad storms can also pop breakers, leaving your machine without power.
  • Bouncing: Your spin cycle is designed to create a very strong spinning motion to extract as much water as possible from the clothes. If your machine is not properly balanced, it will bounce and jump around and make loud noises. This can be easily remedied by making sure the washer is balanced prior to use. The legs on the bottom of the washer can be moved up or down to make the unit even.

Most other washer problems require a service call to repair. Draining issues, leaks, agitation problems and other problems generally are mechanical in nature and need part replacement.

If you are tired of living without a working washing machine, contact us today to set up a time to get it fixed. We’ve repaired hundreds of washers across San Fernando Valley and Ventura County, let us repair yours.

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